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Flooring Underlayment is the most important aspect of any flooring project. Proper selection and installation of Flooring Underlay is crucial to the proper usage of any flooring. Contact FLOORHOUSE Vancouver and talk to the experts.

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Underlay or underlayment[1] generally refers to a thin layer of cushioning made of materials such as sponge, rubber, foam, felt, or crumb rubber; this material is laid beneath carpeting to provide comfort underfoot, to reduce wear on the carpet, and to provide insulation against sound, moisture, and heat.[2] In general, it is a layer which is underneath another layer,[2] so underlay is thus also used to describe many different surface-covering products.

In vinyl flooring or “linoleum“, the underlay is the thin layer of plywood that is fastened over the structural subfloor to create a uniform, smooth platform for the sheet vinyl. For laminated wood flooring, the underlay provides a “vapor barrier” to prevent moisture from coming through the floor of the home and then migrating into the flooring; the underlayment may also have noise-dampening properties.