Firma Foam Acoustical Underlay

Firma Foam Acoustical Underlayment Vancouver
Firma Foam Acoustical Underlay is ideal sound absorption for installations under floated or double glue engineered hardwood floors and laminate flooring.

High Density Acoustic Foam

Thickness  1/8” or 0.125” (3.2mm)

Density  33 kg per cubic meter

Width  41.5” (1.05M)

Acoustical Values

IIC 70  (ASTM E492-09 & ASTM E989-06), Tested by NGC Testing Services, NY, USA

STC 67  (ASTM E90-09 / E413-04), Tested by NGC Testing Services, NY, USA

FIIC 62 -63  (ASTM E1007 & E989), Tested by Octave Acoustique Inc. Quebec, Canada

Firma Foam Underlay Specification
* Building construction materials quality and installation methods can affect the FIIC rating on each application.

** Be sure you are purchasing the genuine Firma® Foam. Genuine Firma® Foam acoustical underlayment has a green logo and testing results printed on one side.